Our alpacas


Click on the names of our alpacas in the table below to learn more about them.

Alpacas are calm and gentle and live in community
Our males Our females Our babies
      Gaston       Sybelle  
      Morpheus       Mimo  
      Sven       Elsa  
      Geee       Rosie  
      Angelo       Nala  


The alpaca is a mammal of the camelid family, native of South America. The alpaca has several cousins who are better known: the camel, the dromedary and the llama. Unlike its cousins mostly used to transport goods during long trails, alpacas are raised for their fiber.

The alpaca's fiber is 5 to 7 time warmer than sheep wool. With its hypoallergenic fiber, meaning that it causes little to no allergic reaction, we knit all kinds of clothing, such as tuques, mittens, scarves, socks and home accessories (rugs or blankets). You will find some of those items on sale in our boutique, Au paradis de la laine.

Alpacas make us laugh!! To see more, visit our Gallery page or follow us on our social media facebook or instagram.

La cité des alpagas (nos alpagas nous font rire)

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